Friday, November 16, 2007

Living together before getting married

Today it is almost expected that a couple will live together before marriage. I don’t believe in living together before marriage and in this essay I’ll explain why.
Studies had shown that living together before marriage holds risks to the longetivity and stability of the relationship, and to the happiness and welfare of those in it. Living together before marriage increases the risk of breaking up when it comes to living together. Research suggests that the quality of life for unmarried couples is for lower than for married couples. The most important reason of not leaving together before getting married if you want to really get married it is because living togethere mostly doesn’t lead to marriage.
The transition of living together and then get married it would be difficult because you will have a way of living and expect things when you get married that wouldn’t have because you lived with the person before.
Some think that by living together before marriage they would know if it really going to work. If the relationship doesn’t work they wouldn’t have to get a divorce and just simply separate. But then you will loose the essential feelings about marriage and when you do get married it won’t feel the same. Once you live together before married just to know if it would work you are predisposing the posibility of getting separated and won’t make the impossible to get things better when difficulties come.
Everybody has the priviledge of choosing what they want in life. But we should always consider our dignity and consecuences of our acts.

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