Monday, October 22, 2007

Technology as an ideal method of learning

It is better for students at school to learn using technology such as computers. Statistics had shown taht students retain more an learn better using technology. Most research on the use of technology for learning has looked for features that make more effective and efficient than instruction that does not incorporate technology. By using technology students understand better the material given in class because it could be a good visual instrument. The computers could provide examples of the material given in class and provide extra information.
Teachers could use diverse methods of teaching also so it doesn't have to be boring for the students because it can provide different skills other than text books or group work. Computers makes life easier because it does it all by itsel practically.
Computers gives the option to students to communicate with the teacher and other students at any time to discuss the material given in class, so it also provides human interaction. Teachers could also give material to students and homework outside the classroom.
Computers improves critical thinking skills and increase students interests.